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Dr. Flaviano Fernando D'Ubaldo

Via Barberini, 29 - 00187 Roma

Tel. + 39 6 482.06.63 Fax. +39 6 482.75.13

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The lawyer D'Ubaldo provides consulting, legal assistance and court representation services in the fields of civil law and private international law at the judicial offices of the Rome district Appeals Court (Justices of the Peace, Courts, Appeals Court).

Power of attorney to defend, which can also be conferred with regard to other judicial offices in Italy, is also exercised in Germany and Austria, where D'Ubaldo avails himself of a tried and tested network of interprofessional relations for the provision of court and out-of-court services. In Germany, D'Ubaldo can also perform these activities through direct legal representation, as he is registered in the Hamm Lawyers' Register.

--- ---- Legal assistance is provided in Italian, German or English.
------- -- ----- -- D'Ubaldo provides assistance in the field of mediation procedures in Italy. ---- --------- ----------

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This web site is compliant with article 17 of the Lawyers' Code of Ethics approved on 26.10.2002, and does not constitute direct or indirect advertising nor the offer of professional services to the public, its purpose being to provide general information about the professional activities carried out by the lawyer Flaviano Fernando D'Ubaldo. These activities have suitable insurance coverage for third-party liability

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